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The Law of Change
Dr. Majid Aghlmand

The Law of Change


World is an evolutionary and ever-changing phenomenon. This change and evolution stems from motion. The trend of world evolution is various, eternal, and unlimited. The variety in structure of materials is due to the variety in movements. The most important type of motions in objects is the random and algebraic one. Random movement is indisciplined and the compulsory movement is an organized and predictable movement. Creating interactional relations is not possible without movement. If there is no movement, no change will happen. Understanding the path of development is difficult or even impossible without understanding the movement laws. Movement is, in essence, a fundamental concept and the basis of all environment laws. In the present volume some key concepts are dealt with and all of them are important in solving scientific problems. 1) variable gravitation hole 2) density of energy 3) coextensive stream 4) balanced and imbalanced relations. Some common and prevalent theories of physics and astronomy are then discussed and criticized based on these concepts.

  • Broglie's theory and concept of matter wave
  • Theory of Allenbeck and Smith about electron spin
  • Theory of Schild about unusual temperature of solar coronal
  • Theory of quasar
  • Dark matter
  • Heat-nuclear hypothesis
  • Behavior of comets

A new approach has also been suggested instead of these approaches. Moreover, physics constants have been replaced with variables in the Newton's formula and Max Planck relations

  • Creatuon of solar system, structure of stars and galaxies
  • Concept of wave and they way it is formed
  • Strong and weak actions environment
  • The relationship between attraction and repulsion and strong and weak actions environment
  • Structure of atom and periodical features of element
  • The cause of radioactivity of heavy elements
  • The cause of perigee of Mercury
  • The cause of variable stras' instability

It should also be pointed that most points mentioned in the volume was published in a book titled "Between the two infinity" in 454 pages by ARAD publications.

The present book has reviewed the points of that book and also has added some new information.

1989 رتبه بندی این مطلب:
بدون رتبه
نویسنده/نویسندگان:محمد ربیعی
سال چاپ کتاب2015
تعداد صفحات158
لینک آمازونhttp://www.amazon.com/Law-Change-Evolution-World/dp/1511611251
لینک گوگل بوکhttp://

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