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The Effect of anxiety

The Effect of anxiety

Ebrahim Fariadyan & Dr Akbar Azizifar

It goes without saying that speaking skill is necessary for everyone who wants to learn second / foreign languages. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness are common among second/foreign language learners. Different learners with different level of anxiety use different strategies while speaking a foreign language, use of modern communicative language teaching approaches in the English language classrooms have increased the demand to learn good communication skills but existence of such feelings in the learners may prevent them from achieving the desired goal. Some speak in front of others without any anxiety, but some delay this activity until learn enough knowledge, and some delay it forever and never speak a foreign language. The aim of present study is to investigate the relationship between anxiety and English speaking skill among Iranian EFL learners.                                   
The study comprises five main sections. In the first section, the author succinctly describes the main strands of the study, the purpose of the study, and also the significance of the work. Then in the second section, the major variables of the study along with most of pertinent theoretical and practical studies in the related literature are presented and discussed in detail. The third section of the study touches on the features, processes, and also the tools that are employed to gather and alnalyze the intended data. In the fourth section, the obtained results of the study are presented and explained. Finally, in the fifth section, the findings of the study and also the final conclusions are reported.                                                                                                                      
The last but not the least point is that it is hoped that the present book will function effectively in enhancing the knowledge of its readers on the issue.

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