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Reading Treasury

Reading Treasury

The above-cited statement clearly stipulates the significance of reading skill in a first, second, or even foreign language. However, most of students, especially in our country, are complaining about their weaknesses in dealing with reading comprehension items in different tests including: MCHE (MSRT), TOLIMO, IELTS, TOEFL, and also the Ph.D. level general English exam. It is axiomatic that there may be cited numerous reasons for their weakness in reading skill among which lack of adequate practice, as far as reading comprehension items are concerned, is one of the main reasons.

Accordingly, we, as the compilers of the present volume, decided to collect a large bank of reading comprehension tests from assorted sources so that students can enhance their abilities in reading comprehension questions by getting familiar with different types of items.

The Reading Treasury involves over fifty reading passages and over five hundred reading comprehension questions that can definitely function as a great help for all students who are going to take high stake tests and especially the Ph.D. entrance exam.

As the penultimate point, although the compilers did their best to prepare a work with the least possible mistakes, there might be observed some mistakes like some mistakes in spelling, numbering, etc. by the readers. Therefore, the following e-mail address can be a good bridge between the readers and the authors in reflecting any points pertinent to the book.  We will warmly welcome the attitudes and perspectives of all respectful readers of the book and try to use their comments in later editions.

Finally, the authors would like to deeply appreciate all those who provided them with constructive comments, suggestions, and ideas on different stages of the book.

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