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عنوان فارسی:
ویژگی های مواجهه شغلی با نانومواد مهندسی شده در یک مرکز بازیافت الکترونیکی

عنوان انگلیسی:

Characterization of Occupational Exposures to Engineered Nanomaterials in an Electronic Recycling Facility


The introduction of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) presents new challenges to understanding, predicting, and managing potential health risks to workers. These potential health risks include the uncertainty of ENMs’ present in specific industrial settings. ENMs are incorporated increasingly into semiconductors, liquid crystal displays and composites of electronic devices. The electronic recycling (e-cycling) industry is growing, and it is considered a sustainable strategy to minimize the environmental impacts of a rapidly evolving technology with a relatively short product life. Since ENMs are integrated components of electronic devices, this study hypothesizes that ENMs might be released into the environment during the manual demanufacturing process used in e-cycling facilities potentially exposing workers to ENMs.

Using a modified nanoparticle emission assessment technique (NEAT) version 2.0, results of this study indicated two industrial processes, the plastic shredder/paper baler, and the electric forklift operations were associated with occupational exposures to nanoparticles, while the computer demanufacturing was not definitive for occupational exposures to nanoparticles.

This study is unique and differs from the focus on the production of ENMs to the manual demanufacturing process in an e-cycling facility. Knowing what type of tasks generates ENMs exposures in an e-cycling facility may assist EHS professionals in limiting workers exposures to ENMs.


عنوان فارسی:
ویژگی های مکانیکی نانوسیم های کربنی

عنوان انگلیسی:

Mechanical Property of Carbon Nanowires


Micro/nano systems and nanofabrication have been the subject of intensive research investment over the past decades. Among all aspects one can consider in miniaturizing a system, the mechanical property is the most important aspect in order to design a micro/nano system. In this study, the elastic properties of suspended carbon nanowires with diameters smaller than 500 nm are investigated by using laser Doppler vibrometry. The carbon fibers are manually fabricated using a carbon precursor polymer followed by pyrolysis process. It is found that the Young’s modulus became inversely proportional to the diameter of the wires. So, the thinner the wire the greater Young’s modulus that the wire has.


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