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بررسی پدیدارشناختی تجارب رهبران سازمانهای داوطلبانه با مهارتهای مدیریت بازرگانی


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A Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Voluntary Organization Leaders with Business Management Skills



Many voluntary organizations fail to thrive due to the changing trends in the market. A possible cause of this failure to thrive is the lack of proper and sufficient management skills that are required to run a voluntary organization which is the problem that drove this research. A gap in literature exists concerning the business management skills needed to lead a voluntary organization. Therefore, the purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the lived experiences of leaders in identifying, choosing, and carrying out the proper business management skills needed to lead a voluntary organization. The Results-based Leadership model which measures the leader’s ability to move the focus from leadership inputs to leadership outcomes was the overall theoretical framework used for this research. A purposive sample of fifteen leaders of voluntary organizations whose organizations are registered with the Internal Revenue Service was utilized. A phenomenological research design was used with in-depth interviews to explore the ability of leaders of voluntary organizations to identify, choose, and carry out business management skills. The data were analyzed for emerging themes by using NVivo 11 and manual thematic analysis by the researcher in which nine themes emerged.

Overall, training through higher education was viewed as having added value in assisting leaders in identifying, choosing, and carrying out business management skills. Trial and error alone was found as insufficient in preparing leaders to identify, choose, and carry out business management skills. Future research recommendations include the exploration of specific voluntary organizations such as public foundations and charities to see if there are correlations between specific type of voluntary organizations and the general Non-profit Sector. Recommendations for practice involve institutes of higher learning incorporating an integrative or comprehensive experience through mentor- or intern-like programs.



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کاوش استراتژی هایی که لاتین ها در هنگام درخواست برای موقعیت های مدیریت تجاری اجرا می کنند


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exploring strategies latinas implement when applying for business management positions



This generic qualitative inquiry focused on exploring strategies Latinas implemented when seeking promotional opportunities for business management positions. Latinos are a rapidly growing ethnic group in the United States, with an 18.1% representation of the population. This study was guided by the social learning theory and the theory of reasoned action. The research question explored what strategies Latinas used to acquire a business management position and data were collected from semistructured interview questions from a sample of 15 Latinas serving in business management positions. The data collected in this study was downloaded into NVivo 12 Plus software to identify themes. Key findings included mentoring and social interactions that contributed to higher success rates in obtaining promotions into management positions. Additionally, volunteering and or experience in lateral and community events were helpful, as were professional certificates and licenses. The key findings may help Latinas with strategies when seeking executive management positions and provide insights to business leaders in shaping hiring practices, contributing to increased workplace diversity, expanding globalization opportunities, and contributing to the body of knowledge.



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