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راهبردهای مدیریت مؤثر برون سپاری و عملکرد منابع انسانی

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Strategies for the Effective Management of Human Resources Outsourcing and Performance

Human resources (HR) outsourcing has become a norm that organizational leaders leverage as a strategic tool to achieve various business objectives. However, the outsourcing of specific HR functions generates unintended consequences and impacts the performance of internal staff. The purpose of this qualitative, descriptive multiple case study was to explore the strategies used by HR managers to mitigate the negative effects outsourcing has on HR staff performance. The conceptual framework underpinning this research was transaction cost theory. Data were collected from 6 HR executives with experience leading HR outsourcing initiatives in the financial services industry in the United States. Primary data were gathered by conducting semistructured interviews with a set of 8 consistent, open-ended interview questions. Data analysis involved coding of the interview transcripts and analysis of company documents provided by the participants to identify themes. Member checking and methodological triangulation enhanced the credibility of the study. Three themes emerged from the interviews with HR executives as key strategies for managing HR performance: training, communication, and performance management. The findings of this study may contribute to positive social change by providing best practices and strategies to increase the effectiveness of HR outsourcing by mitigating its impact on the performance of HR staff. Furthermore, the effective management of HR outsourcing decisions may increase employment stability, positively affecting the lives of HR staff, increasing the profitability of U.S. businesses, and contributing to a stable U.S. economy.

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بررسی های تجربی در مورد تأثیر علی رفتار ارائه دهندگان مراقبت های بهداشتی بر مراقبت از بیمار

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Empirical Investigations into The Causal Impact of Healthcare Provider Behavior on Patient Care

This dissertation in operations management focuses on the study of healthcare operations management using large-scale empirical datasets and econometric methods. In chapter one, we utilize infrared location tracking data to study the impact of physical facility layout on how service workers organize their tasks. We focus on the hospital emergency department as a service setting where nurses (servers) have discretion over how they interact with their patients (customers) in a facility that introduces significant heterogeneity in necessary walking distance. Our findings show that even in services, the spatial organization of a facility can lead to servers with discretion over task timing using that discretion in ways that help the server but that lead to reduced customer quality. In chapter two, we examine the hospital intensive care unit (ICU) to investigate the impact of exogenous medication delays, introduced by shift changes, on granular patient health outcomes. The ICU is an ideal setting for this research because patients are often in critical condition and require medications to remain in healthy states (as measured by vital signs). Using patient vital sign data electronically archived every few minutes, merged with the electronic medical record and the medication order/delivery database, we are able to estimate the marginal impact of a minute of medication delay on patient vital status following the late medication. Beyond providing actionable, data-driven insight to managers and healthcare practitioners surrounding how we can better enable workers to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, the research in this dissertation utilizes novel large-scale datasets, unique econometric techniques, and innovative measurement of health outcomes.



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