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DR. Majid Aghlmand

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الگوی تحقیق علم در کتابخانه مدرسه (SSLIM): مطالعه موردی ترکیبی از اجرای برنامه درسی تحقیق علم و اطلاعات در یک کتابخانه ابتدایی

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Science in the School Library Inquiry Model (SSLIM): A Mixed-methods Case Study of the Implementation of a Science and Information Inquiry Curriculum in an Elementary Library

Data indicate that students in the U.S. may start school with lower levels of science understanding and that these levels may consistently remain lower throughout their public-school career. With deficits in science achievement starting in the earliest years of students’ education, benefits may be gained by exploring alternate resources and alternative environments that can support young student’s science education and achievement. A largely unexplored area for science instruction is in the school library. This dissertation, a mixed-methods, case study, examined the creation and implementation of a novel information and science inquiry model and curriculum, SSLIM. This curriculum was created and implemented by one school librarian and the researcher with second-grade students. The school librarian and the researcher collaboratively designed and implemented six scientific and library inquiry lessons over six 45-minute class periods. Following an examination of the commonalities between national library and science standards and inquiry cycles, the researcher posits that the library may be an optimal space in the school for the complete scientific inquiry process including both textual and experiential investigations. Analysis included the stages of collaboration through this creation process, changes in librarian efficacy beliefs in teaching science as well as changes in student ideas about who can do science and student perceptions about the nature of science and scientific inquiry. Data collection included recordings of planning sessions conducted by the researcher and school librarian, journals maintained by the school librarian and the researcher, the Science Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument (STEBI-B), a librarian and researcher designed science inquiry content test, the Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST), and an abbreviated version of the Young Children’s Views of Science (YCVS) instrument. Results from this study indicate that extensive amounts of time and resources are necessary to build this type of curriculum. While the development of the curriculum did not have any measurable effects on the school librarian’s feelings or efficacy in teaching science, the science inquiry content test and the YCVS measures showed a statistically significant increase in mean student scores at the time of posttest. Additionally, female students drew significantly more diverse images of scientists on the DAST at the time of posttest.


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یادگیری سازمانی و ایجاد دانش

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Organizational Learning and Knowledge Creation

How does invention happen? The initial step of organizational learning is knowledge creation. The foundational processes of knowledge creation are little understood. Eminent scholars of organizational learning have made calls for more "fine-grained" examinations of knowledge creation, agreeing that "more theoretical work is needed to further expand on processes through which new organizational knowledge emerges, " and that the knowledge creation process is the area that would "most benefit from more theorizing and empirical research...and is needed to round out our understanding of organizational learning"(Argote & Miron-Spektor, 2011; Tsoukas, 2009). To understand these processes, I embedded over two years with an engineering team that was seeking to invent the world's first 3D printed production car. Immersing in a group that was so explicitly tasked with invention was vital to answering these central questions. In this work, I seek to answer the following question: How do workers intentionally craft experiences through which knowledge is created, particularly in situations where knowledge creation is the central activity of the workers' efforts? I answer this question across three papers, introducing the concept of Wargaming and describing the typology of Learning Episodes as well as the three Experiential Approaches that knowledge workers use to direct their learning activities.


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