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DR. Majid Aghlmand

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تأثیر مداخلات رفتار مثبت بر دانش آموزان در حال گذار به مدرسه راهنمایی


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The Impact of Positive Behavior Interventions on Students Transitioning to Middle School


Educators are challenged with implementing an effective discipline plan that will maintain a safe and orderly learning environment, while keeping students in class and engaged and improving their students’ performance. One program that educators have begun implementing to address these concerns is Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS); however, challenges, including time constraints and availability of resources, have impeded the success of implementation. In this study, the researcher compared TNReady student achievement scores, attendance rates, and office discipline referrals at a middle school with an established PBIS program and a non-PBIS middle school over a three-year period. The quantitative results of this study enabled the researcher to determine that there were statistically significant differences found during the years of the study in TNReady math achievement scores, attendance rates, and office discipline referrals for sixth grade students; however, no statistically significant differences were found for TNReady English language arts achievement scores.


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بررسی رفتار اطلاعاتی انسان در رسانه های اجتماعی: معرفی مفهوم نویز اجتماعی


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Examining Human Information Behavior on Social Media: Introducing the Concept of Social Noise


Social media information behavior is increasingly critical, impacting not only individuals and groups but the beliefs, values, and direction of society and culture. The purpose of this study was to investigate how persistent observation by members of the online network influences social media users’ information behavior, resulting in the phenomenon of social noise. Data analytics, including LDA, LSA, and clustering methodologies, were performed but could not provide information about the users’ motivations. Using an ethnographic approach, participant observations and interviews were conducted with Facebook users as they interacted with informational posts, and the data collected was coded using a recursive method. Four key constructs of social noise were identified, and sub-codes were assigned within each construct as patterns emerged, providing insight into the different facets of social noise. Additionally, in most instances more than one of the four constructs were present, layering their influence on the information behavior. Based on these findings, social media users are not always interacting with information based on true personal beliefs or desires; instead, concerns surrounding their personal image, relationships with others, core beliefs, and online conflict are influencing their observable information behavior. The results of this exploratory study provide a basis to further develop the social noise model. Qualitative data provides insight into the thinking and motivations behind social media users’ observable information behavior, specifically in the areas of cultural agency, relationship management, image curation, and conflict engagement.


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