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بازی برای تغییر: تجربیات یادگیری دانش آموزان دبیرستانی و انگیزه یادگیری تغییرات آب و هوا از طریق بازی های رایانه ای آموزشی

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Games for CHANGE: High School Students' Learning Experiences and Motivation to Learn Climate Change Science through Educational Computer Games

The purpose of this study is to explore high school students’ perceptions of learning climate change science through educational computer games. Further, it is aimed to investigate what roles educational computer games play in motivating students to learn climate change science. A qualitative case research design is used in this research to better understand and describe how educational computer games influence students’ perceptions of learning the climate change science and what roles these games play in motivating them to learn climate change science in the learning environment. A purposefully selected a high school teacher and her eight students are the study participants. A series of student and teacher interviews are used as a main source of data. Both deductive and inductive approaches are used to analyze the data using Gee’s principles about how games teach and Keller’s ARCS Theory of Motivation Model. The analysis of the data revealed that the educational computer games increased the students’ perceptions of learning climate change science. The findings also showed that the games have different characteristics to improve the students’ perceptions to learn climate change science. Interactivity, providing different learning styles, role playing, challenging, creating a realistic environment, and providing visual experiences to learn were the specific characteristics of the games used in this study. In addition, the analysis of the data revealed that the educational computer games increased the students’ motivation to learn climate change science. The findings showed that the games play various roles in motivating the students to learn. These roles were creating an engaging, interesting, focused learning environment; providing real-world connections and worth knowing information; and presenting the content in a challenging, but a fun way.


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اتصال علوم یادگیری و رشد به برنامه های آموزشی پیش دبستانی: تجزیه و تحلیل ویژگی های طراحی برنامه و آزمایش اثربخشی آنها

عنوان انگلیسی:

Connecting Learning and Developmental Sciences to Educational Preschool Apps: Analyzing App Design Features and Testing Their Effectiveness

To date, applying what is known about child development to educational app design has been minimally studied and rarely tested. Using developmental and learning sciences research (e.g., Hirsh-Pasek et al., 2015), this dissertation identifies whether evidence-based teaching strategies are used in the design of existing educational apps and experimentally tests how some tactics are more effective than others. Study 1 aims to understand how popular preschool literacy and math apps are designed and whether they connect with evidence-based teaching practices. This content analysis of 171 top literacy and math premium and free apps on Apple and Android app markets uses a defined spectrum of effective teaching tactics for young children identified in developmental and learning sciences (e.g., feedback, increasing complexity, guided play), to identify whether these tactics have been applied to current apps’ mechanics. Findings show there is a wide variety of features used across preschool apps, but few provide developmentally appropriate guidance for young learners, such as scaffolded feedback and leveling. Study 2 explores the direct effects of these features with 240 preschoolers, to experimentally test: a) which types of audible app feedback best support preschool learning, and b) whether preschoolers using an educational app with scaffolded challenge (i.e., leveling up) learn better than preschoolers using the same app with random ordered challenge. An ANCOVA and post-hoc Tukey test show that, of the participants who played the feedback tasks first (n=120), those with scaffolded feedback (i.e., explanations for correct and incorrect answers) were more accurate than participants with sound responses (i.e., bell, gong). However, this advantage disappeared when children played the leveling game first. Participants with encouraging (i.e., “Great job!” or “Try again!”) feedback took longer to complete tasks, compared to the sounds feedback group. Moreover, leveling results showed that gradually increasing challenge helped preschoolers make fewer incorrect responses and complete tasks faster than children playing the same game with random order leveling. Ultimately, improving the design of educational preschool apps through empirical research, like this, may be what our increasingly digital age needs to provide young children with high quality digital learning tools.


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