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تاثیر استفاده از روش مدیریت پروژه در پروژه های بازیابی و کاهش پس از فاجعه توسط مدیران اورژانس کارولینای شمالی

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Impact of Project Management Methodology Use in Post-disaster Recovery and Mitigation Projects by North Carolina Emergency Managers

Post-disaster recovery and mitigation projects have a 50% failure rate in the United States as compared to 75% and higher success rates in the private sector projects. One of the differences noted in these two environments is the use of trained and certified project managers in the private sector while most post-disaster projects are lead or overseen by an emergency manager, since these projects are often public sector in nature. This study sought to identify what impact project management training and certification may offer to emergency managers who oversee post-disaster recovery and mitigation projects. In this qualitative study, the researcher used a convenience sample from the North Carolina Emergency Management Association who 31 members volunteered as research subjects. The subjects were interviewed with a standard set of questions by the author. The responses were then combined and grouped based on responses. Questions included a small degree of demographical data and then specifics about their project management experience, training, and certifications. Review of the actual project records and data were not available for review so the subject’s interpretation of project results were also explored with questions. The 31 emergency managers reported a combined total of 118 projects that they lead in their current or previous roles. Out of the 31 research subjects two had certifications in project management and 11 had project management training leaving 18 who reported no project management training at all. Results of this study indicated that 68% of all 118 projects were reported as successful in some degree which is consistent, although slightly higher than, previous studies. The results indicate that emergency managers could improve the successful results of projects with projects management training and certification. Emergency managers with project management certification had 100% project success and no projects closed before completion. This is well above previously reported studies.


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بررسی استراتژی هایی که مدیران پروژه برای ایجاد یک منشور پروژه برای شروع یک پروژه نیاز دارند

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Exploring the Strategies Project Managers Need to Establish a Project Charter for Initiating a Project

This exploratory study examined strategies project managers need to establish a project charter for initiating a project. Simply knowing project management concepts does not necessarily mean project managers fully understanding their role and purpose. This type of startup overlooks a pivotal lifecycle phase of project management called initiation, which needs a clear project charter. However, many project managers are uncertain about what an appropriate project charter should be. Although project charter strategies are essential, the literature review indicates that a gap in the knowledge exists with regard to developing a project charter, which is critical for project success. The researcher used face-to-face, semi-structured interviews to collect data from project managers who were PMI-certified as PMPs from the Mile Hi Chapter of the PMI located in the Denver, Colorado, metro area and have successfully managed projects. The data analysis design was Axial coding that involved collecting, organizing, and coding participants’ shared experiences into recognized categories and themes. The researcher identified the following 10 themes regarding effective strategies toward establishing a project charter when initiating a project: (1) confirming training needs, (2) determining pre-charter requirements, (3) leadership practices, (4) solidifying project objectives, (5) effectively communicating project objectives, (6) understanding organizational strategies, (7) executing timely decision-making, (8) identifying stakeholders, (9) verifying funding obligations, and (10) establishing project authorization.


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