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نظارت بر زمان واقعی خطوط لوله نفت و گاز، تولید هشدار و سیستم هشدار

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Real Time Monitoring of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Alarm Generation and Alert System


As transport apparatus, oil and gas pipelines typically extend to thousands of miles, and large portions of them are located necessarily in remote areas, which makes it difficult and expensive to monitor their real time working conditions. Recent advances have been made in sensor networks, robot agent-based technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with sensory and visual equipment, and satellite-based technologies. To implement these technologies to create a practically workable monitoring system, however, new development in terms of technology improvement and integration is still under way.

In this research a system is proposed to monitor the parameters of the pipeline (temperature, pressure, earthquake monitoring, corrosion etc.) by using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition). By using the Wireless Sensor Networks, in the proposed system, the Wide Area Networks (WANS) are configured at different locations of the pipelines. The sensors are connected to the PLC, where the logic is developed by using logic gates (ladder logic). The output is configured to SCADA and the visualization tool displays the data of the continuous monitored parameters in real time. The novelty and originality of this proposed system is that it also stores the continuously monitored parameters in the memory connected to the PLC. In the proposed system, the pipeline leakage detected by the difference in the pressure. If there is a leakage detected, it sends an alarm to the control room, which is programmed in PLC, according to its ON/OFF switching conditions of lights, the light starts and gives the exact location to the control room giving information to the engineer, to act immediately.

The pipeline is continuously monitored by setting the threshold values to all the parameters. The parameters are continuously monitored and if they cross their threshold values, it will set off an alarm, and by this alarm, the concerned engineer will be alerted to take the necessary action to control the disaster.


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اندازه گیری و اندازه گیری جریان چند فازی "توسعه سیستم اندازه گیری دو فازی پروب های الکتریکی (Slug Flow)"

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Multiphase Flow Measurement and Metering "Electric-Probes Two-Phase Measurement System Development (Slug Flow)"


A multiphase flow measurement and metering system is a device, typically utilizing multiple measurement methods, that is installed on a pipe to measure the individual flow rate or characteristics of each phase in the stream. Multiphase flow measurement and metering development is a challenging discipline due to the complexity of multiphase flow and the uncertainty of measurement and metering methods. Currently, the oil and gas industry recognizes the benefits of multiphase flow measurement and metering systems. Hence, this comprehensive study is started for the purpose of enhancing petroleum fields’ potential; through the development of smart measurement and metering solutions.

The study begins with a literature review of state-of-the-art measurement and metering systems. Next, the road map creation and findings are presented. Afterwards, the preliminary development road selection procedure and findings are presented. The selected development road is “electric-probes two-phase measurement system (slug flow).” Finally, development plan details (obtain individual phase velocities from the translational velocity and propose promising solution to the electric probes intrusiveness) and accomplishments are presented.


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