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پیشگیری از جرم از طریق طراحی محیطی و پیشگیری از سرقت: یک رویکرد مشاهده اجتماعی سیستماتیک

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Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and Burglary Prevention: A Systematic Social Observation Approach


Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a set of six techniques that utilize environmental factors in an area to reduce the chance of a crime occurring. Previous research has found these to generally be effective, with recent research finding that some of these techniques being more effective than others. In a similar vein, this study used systematic social observation on a sample of burglarized and comparison residences in Paducah, Kentucky. Analysis of this data shows the potential preventative effects offered by CPTED with four of the six components found to be significantly different between groups. In particular, higher levels of territoriality, surveillance, image maintenance, and target hardening were found to be associated with the non-burglarized group. Overall, CPTED would appear to offer a promising set of burglary prevention tools, and an area of crime prevention warranting further evaluation in other settings.

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طراحی داخلی و محیطی بیمارستان بر بهبود و رفاه بیماران اطفال تأثیر دارد

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Hospital Interior and Environmental Design Affecting Healing and Well-Being of Pediatric Patients


This study examined the effects of pediatric hospital interior and environmental design on the healing and well-being of pediatric patients. Hospital environment plays a specific role in a patient’s everyday activities. This study examined specific hospital interior design aspects by expert architects that have been proven to heal and boost quality of living for patients in hospitals. Thirteen (13) registered pediatric nurses, child life specialists (CCLS), music therapists, and other pediatric hospital staff were surveyed for this study. Results from this study were analyzed in terms of themes reviewed from established research of Urie Brofenbrenner, Jean Piaget, Michael Murphy, and Roger Ulrich. Survey answers revealed themes of nature, natural light, colors, opportunities to attain control, and social support. These themes were brought up in the surveys as something that already exists in the participants’ current hospital environment or something that the participants’ hope to have in their current hospital environment in hopes of creating a better healing space for patients and their families. The findings largely support the research question of how the interior design of a pediatric hospital affects the healing and well-being of pediatric patients. Participants touched on aspects that make their environment stressful as well as aspects that they believe would make it more calm and healing.


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