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تأثیر یک مداخله یادگیری اجتماعی-عاطفی بر خودتنظیمی و آمادگی مدرسه دانش آموزان پیش دبستانی در معرض خطر

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The Effects of A Social-Emotional Learning Intervention on The Self-Regulation and School Readiness of At-Risk Preschool Students

Over the past several decades, there has been a dramatic increase in research surrounding factors that influence children’s school readiness, or preparedness that allows children to learn in a formal educational setting. It includes possessing early academic as well as cognitive and socio-emotional skills (e.g., self-regulation, emotion knowledge) that are important for children’s later development and academic success. Although the literature has suggested that instruction and practice in social-emotional learning (SEL) can improve school readiness at a universal level, it is largely unknown if these programs are effective as a targeted, modular intervention. Further, there is a need to increase transportability of evidence-based interventions into school settings. Using a group pre/post-intervention design, the current study investigated the effects of a targeted, Tier 2 evidence-based SEL curriculum on students who demonstrated behavioral concerns and low self-regulation skills. Assessments measured self-regulation, emotion knowledge, and early literacy skills in intervention and comparison participants. Results suggested that SEL instruction was related to benefits in self-regulation, situational emotion knowledge, and early literacy skills. Further, teachers qualitatively reported barriers to effective SEL intervention implementation in early childhood education settings. Implications for school psychological practice and future research are discussed.


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رابطه بین مشارکت جوانان، رفتارهای درمانگر و علائم اضطراب در درمان اضطراب جوانان

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The Relationship Between Youth Involvement, Therapist Behaviors, and Anxiety Symptoms in The Treatment of Youth Anxiety

Objective: Therapeutic processes that occur within session have been identified as a factor that may influence youth anxiety outcomes. The present study examined the relationships between positive and negative youth involvement, therapist therapeutic and nontherapeutic behaviors, and anxiety outcomes. Method: Sixty youth (aged 7-17) received cognitive-behavioral therapy for an anxiety disorder. Weekly session videos were rated by observers. Measures of anxiety severity were completed weekly and at posttreatment. Regression analyses examined the association between therapeutic processes and post-treatment outcomes. Univariate and bivariate latent difference score (LDS) models evaluated whether changes in one factor were prospectively associated with later changes in the same factor and in other factors. Results: Positive youth involvement significantly predicted reduced anxiety severity, greater improvement, and remission of principal anxiety disorder at post-treatment. Youth negative involvement during psychoeducation sessions predicted a reduced likelihood of remission. Therapist therapeutic behaviors during psychoeducation sessions predicted lower anxiety severity, greater improvement, and treatment response. Nontherapeutic behaviors in psychoeducation sessions were associated with increased anxiety severity, less improvement, and a reduced likelihood of treatment response and remission of principal anxiety disorder. When entered simultaneously, only nontherapeutic behaviors were significantly associated with increased anxiety severity. LDS models resulted in poor model fit, thus, the temporal sequence among involvement, therapist behaviors, and anxiety severity was not established. Conclusions: Youth involvement and therapist behaviors are associated with beneficial outcomes. Therapist nontherapeutic behaviors are strongly associated with poorer outcomes. Findings are discussed in relation to previous findings and future directions are proposed.


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