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سازمان‌های تئاتر و برنامه‌ریزی مدیریت بحران: پاسخ‌ها و درس‌هایی از بحران کووید-19

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Crisis Management Planning and Theatre Organizations: Responses and Lessons from the Covid-19 Crisis

Closures of theatre organizations due to COVID-19 have presented these organizations with a crisis – how to sustain an organization when the primary service of live performance is interrupted. This investigation uses qualitative research, focusing on case studies and semi-structured interviews with administrative officials of three theatre organizations in New Jersey, to provide a comparison of how each organization handles financial sustainability, employment, management, and communication. In addition, it examines how each of these companies engaged in the practice of crisis management planning – preemptively developing strategies and procedures for handling financial, public relations, and service-related crises. Research findings on financial sustainability, charitable giving, and crisis management planning, paired with the investigation, demonstrate multiple points of attention for theatre organizations during a crisis. Success in surviving a service-interruption crisis depends largely on leadership, organizational flexibility, willingness to explore new ventures, clear communication with its audience, and continued engagement in fundraising and revenue generation. However, this investigation also finds that crisis management planning is less-often engaged in by these organizations, with more focus placed upon maintaining organizational flexibility and reacting to changing circumstances. Theatre organizations that engage in financial sustainability practices – building reserve funds, endowments, and robust development – are better equipped to manage the challenges of service interruption, while smaller organizations that operate on thinner revenue margins are more likely to face closure.


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یک مطالعه کیفی برای استراتژی های مدیریت بحران که توسط رهبران کسب و کارهای کوچک استفاده می شود

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A Qualitative Study for Crisis Management Strategies Used by Small Business Leaders

The researcher in this qualitative single case study used the leadership crisis competencies model as the conceptual framework to explore two main research questions, which were as follows: RQ1: How do small business leaders in the retail industry develop crisis management strategies to sustain their business operations after facing an unexpected crisis? RQ2: Why do small business leaders in the retail industry consider these crisis management strategies effective in sustaining their business operations after facing an unexpected crisis? The specific business problem was that small business owners lack crisis management strategies to sustain business operations at times of unexpected crisis. The study included three data sources: one-on-one interviews, documents, and focus groups and took place in two different geographic locations: Cairo, Egypt, and the Midwestern United States through audio-recorded interviews. The purpose of this envisioned qualitative single case study was to explore the phenomenon of how small business leaders in the retail industry developed a crisis management strategy to sustain their business operations after facing an unexpected crisis. The study findings indicated that themes such as signal detection, prevention and preparation, containment and damages, business recovery, learning and reflection, and other themes including empathetic leadership, social media marketing, and positive reputation had allowed small business leaders in the retail industry to sustain their business operations after facing an unexpected crisis. This qualitative single case study might add value to the existing body of knowledge in the field of leadership by understanding the crisis management strategies that allowed small business leaders in the retail industry to sustain their business operations after facing an unexpected crisis.


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