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DR. Majid Aghlmand

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استراتژی های کاهش خطر برای جلوگیری از شکست پروژه های مهندسی عمران در نیجریه

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Risk Mitigation Strategies to Prevent the Failure of Civil Engineering Projects in Nigeria

The civil engineering construction industry in Nigeria has problems concerning time-critical material deliveries. This problem negatively impacts government and taxpayers with financial injuries from lost revenue and opportunities with ever increased costs. A possible cause of this problem is the lack of comprehensive applied knowledge about material procurement and procurement routing available within the construction industry. The desire was to decrease waste and improve project performance and completion by assessing different methodologies as identified by project managers as the most effective. The purpose of this qualitative study was to evaluate the most appropriate method that the government of Nigeria and other involved stakeholders within the civil engineering industry could apply to mitigate the risks to project success by evaluating different methodologies for material procurement and delivery risk mitigation. Five civil engineering project managers were interviewed. The interview transcribed and then coded to reveal themes. The overarching theme was the need to implement industry and national practices and expectations for just-in-time delivery. This coupled with better personnel management and material reclamation or reuse were identified as key to what is the most important for civil engineering project success in Nigeria.


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شایستگی های رهبری مهندسی برای مهندسین عمران سطح ابتدایی: یک مطالعه موردی چندگانه

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Engineering Leadership Competencies for Entry-Level Civil Engineers: A Multiple Case Study


The general problem is that while technical engineering firms today require entry-level, full-time engineers to possess leadership skills, companies have failed to indicate which leadership competencies are most important in their recruitment and hiring process. This study’s contributions could have implications for the long-term career prospects of engineers as well as the future outlook and sustainability of engineering companies. The specific problem is that various disciplines in the engineering profession, such as the construction sector, have yet to clearly define which leadership competencies are most important for the job market in their specific areas. Advancements in this regard are important for both entry-level engineers and engineering companies given the strong competition in local and international markets. The purpose of this qualitative study using a multiple case study design was to explore the views of managers in the construction industry on leadership competencies most needed in the job market for entry-level civil engineers. The study was framed by three concepts of engineering leadership. The research question was: How do the perceptions of managers in the construction industry establish a basis of leadership competencies most needed in the job market for entry-level civil engineers? Applying the knowledge gained from this inquiry has the potential for positive social impact by driving reforms in educational curricula and professional settings and with industry leaders to further the personal development of early-stage civil engineers, supporting their career success and the success of their companies.


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