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Role play and retelling two techniques of vocabulary and reading achievement
Dr. Majid Aghlmand

Role play and retelling two techniques of vocabulary and reading achievement

Sahar Ghanbari, Dr. Behdokht Mall Amiri

It is axiomatic that vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of every language. This significance has been approved by many respective experts. Its significance is to the extent that even some claim that mastering the words of a language is equal to knowing that language. Though such a claim is somehow an exaggeration, the importance of the vocabulary area of language should not be underestimated. Furthermore, reading comprehension skill, according to some scholars including Brown, is the most important skill in academic contexts. Therefore, gaining an acceptable mastery on this important skill is necessary.

Given the above-cited points, different strategies, methods, approaches, and guidelines have been offered by now to foster learners' vocabulary and reading skills. Consequently, many books have been compiled with regard to these aspects of language and the present book, which is the result of part of the author’s efforts for the M.A. exam, is also one of these assorted books. However, what makes it distinct from other extant books is that it deals with two important but largely (if not completely) ignored strategies for enhancing lexical and reading abilities.

To be more detailed, the work consists of three main sections. The beginning section is, in fact, the theoretical part of the book and provides its readers with the main important points on the two strands of the study that is, vocabulary and reading. The second section of the work is a practical part in which the author depicts the details of her experimental work in which the two understudied strategies are tested and compared. Finally, in the third section, the results of the experiment along with an in-depth discussion and conclusion are presented.

Another point on the work is that certainly no work is complete and immaculate. This book is no exception to this principle. As a result, the author will be grateful to any reader of the book who guides her to remove every kind of defect and mistake of the book and consequently to provide a complete source with fewer flaws through the author’s e-mail address brought at the end of this section. It is hoped that the present readers find it useful in not only increasing their theoretical awareness on the lexical and reading aspects of language, but also providing them with practical strategies to strengthen their own lexical and reading abilities. 

In the end, the author would like to thank wholeheartedly to anyone who encouraged, supported, and guided her during the preparation stages of the volume. She specially thanks the following persons:

Dr. Behdokht Mall-Amiri, IAU professor at central Tehran, for her insightful insights on the work.

Dr. Sholeh Kolahi, the professor of IAU at central Tehran for her effective suggestions on the volume preparation.

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