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بررسی اشتباهات معنایی درترجمه کتاب پاﺋولوکوﺋیلو
Dr. Majid Aghlmand

بررسی اشتباهات معنایی درترجمه کتاب پاﺋولوکوﺋیلو

Translation, as the process of changing one concept and meaning from one language into another one, is typically taken into consideration as a science and plays a significant role in different domains. Considering this importance, assessing and evaluating translated works are also of great importance. In evaluating a translation, it is essential that the fundamental differences between overt and covert translation be taken into account. These two types of translations make qualitatively different demands on translation criticism.

Furthermore, with the development of linguistics, applied linguistics, psychology and other relevant subjects, people's attitude toward errors changed greatly. It is through analyzing learner's errors that errors are elevated from the status of "undesirability to that of a guide to the inner working of the language learning process. In line with this, error Analysis is significant because it can help to improve the teaching and learning process.  

The study comprises five main sections. In the first section, the author succinctly describes the main strands of the study, the purpose of the study, and also the significance of the work. Then in the second section, the major variables of the study along with most of pertinent theoretical and practical studies in the related literature are presented and discussed in detail. The third section of the study touches on the features, processes, and also the tools that are employed to gather and alnalyze the intended data. In the fourth section, the obtained results of the study are presented and explained. Finally, in the fifth section, the findings of the study and also the final conclusions are reported.


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