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Architecture glasses to discover codes
Dr. Majid Aghlmand

Architecture glasses to discover codes

  Audiences of this book are students of architecture, architects and those who are interested in architecture and its design process. It has a simple look at architectural design aspects during training and after that, process of entering professional working market-which is missing in syllabus of some architecture faculties. Using the term of “Consider”, I intended to share my little, but efficient, experience of education and work with other students and fans of architecture. Characteristics of this field, architecture, give it a special view of all other majors. I call it “Architecture glasses to discover codes”. The main purpose is “quick reference and brief review of concerns regarding discovering codes” that an architect has experienced or might experience during architectural training and professional working. Architectural design is a goal-oriented, conscious and organized process that is led and organized by the designer for reaching mostly clear aims and purposes. Architectural designers face a group of problems, about which they have had diverse and similar experiences during training or professional working atmosphere. However, these problems are considered unique and different by designers. This book discuses current and future concerns of architecture and its design process. These concerns are part of the logical review of design procedure. This book has been prepared by precious comments of friends, colleagues and professors of most of Architecture faculties all over the world. I appreciate their contributions in different stages of preparation. I will be pleased to receive and consider your valuable comments for the next editions.

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